The wutong blossoms for you
"Wutong blossom" brand was established in 2019, which is another young fashion underwear brand launched by foshan wutong color underwear co., LTD.
"Wutong flower blossom" brand seeks for market differences, pays attention to the consumption experience of young women, and satisfies functional requirements in different scenarios.
Optimize the body feeling, create a warm emotional connection between people and clothes, pursue fashion while paying attention to quality, adhering to the "youth,
Simple, fashionable, comfortable "style, product quality and design style stand out in the market in the same brand, price seeking market empty
White dot, with high quality, low price positioning to meet the future mainstream consumer groups, from the visual image, brand quality, product presentation,
Retail pricing in many ways to lock in the new era of women (90s - 00s) on the underwear product consumption experience demand.